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About ME

An obvious play on words

I am a semi-retired web developer living in beautiful South Wales

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Who Am I?

Experienced in various backgrounds, I have worked in Web Development, Teaching & Training, Community Services, Logistics and the Music Business. 

My Mission

Ultimately to be happy. Helping others achieve their goals gives me great satisfaction. I am less good at doing this for myself.

What I Do

Build websites and take photos that promote my customers. I get things noticed on Google search. I like to share my experience and be kind everyday.

My History

Originally from the North East, previously 25 years in Cambridgeshire and in South Wales now. I like to think I can work out the square root of a jar of pickled onions, and still be able to get the lid off. I find myself working with WordPress more often than not. I am ambivalent about it though, it is just what folk ask for. As regards photography I started with Canon and since 2005 have been Nikon. I am not a purist in any way, shape or form and go with the flow of what is needed in the moment. If what I use works, then it stays.

My Delta 6 process



Find out what a client or prospective needs. This may not be what they think.



Map out what construct will meet those needs and define what would be a successful outcome.



Plan actions and specify framework that will achieve defined goals.



Build it!



Launch produced work.



Measure and reflect to ensure continuing success.

Why choose ME?

I use latest software and design packages to produce effective good looking websites.

I start with what is needed at the end. And work with you to achieve and maintain that outcome.

I work hard to produce the best result for my customers. I have graciously received  recommendations from others at the top of their game

My process identifies areas of benefit and outcome tracking reflects a good return on investment

I have experience from many fields of work and put together enables me to ‘walk a mile’ in most folks shoes. 

Your Domain Registration, and Hosting Package and Website Files will always be under your control right from the beginning.

Would you like to start your project with ME?

Advice and guidance is always free, why not call for a 'no obligation' chat?
No pushy sales folk here.

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